Follow Up Acai Research Shows Ecouraging Results in the Cancer Destroying Benefits of Acai

July 11, 2008

The results of an acai research study published by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry in 2006 demonstrating the affect of the acai berry in destroying human cancer cells in a cultured environment was grippingly received (read more). Although the first study cautioned the results did not prove the acai berry could prevent leukemia in humans it is anticipated that this second report, release date unknown but approved for publication, will be read with great interest.

In the meantime, a sneak peek at the abstract for the study has been provided. It states that the purpose of the research was to demonstrate the bioavailability (the extent to which a body absorbs and makes use of a substance) of anthocyanins (antioxidant flavonoids) from the acai berry juice and acai pulp. It was the antioxidant properties of the acai berry that the previous study attributed to the destruction of the cultured cancer cells.

The abstract also revealed that plasma antioxidant capacity was significantly increased by Acai pulp. Individual increases in plasma antioxidant capacity were found for both Acai juice and Acai pulp. The concluding statement in the abstract of this current acai study states "results demonstrate the absorption and antioxidant effects of anthocyanins in açai in plasma in an acute human consumption trial". Or in other words the research results demonstrate the ability of the human body to absorb the antioxidant properties of Acai when consumed.

This sneak peek is exciting and provides evidence in favor of the benefits of the Acai Berry and its possible cancer destroying properties! When we acquire further information on the research publication will promptly bring you the news.

Source: University of Florida, Texas A&M University

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