MonaVie Releases RVL with Acai To Help With Weight Loss

January 27, 2011

MonaVie RVL Premier Weight Solution is perfect for helping you look your best, whether you are looking to improve your health or lose some or all of that excess weight. Each RVL product contains MonaVie’s trademark AcaVie, which they claim contains the most potent and pure form of acai berry available. MonaVie RVL is unique in the weight loss area because it doesn’t simply suppress your appetite it targets healthy nutrition, which is the secret to effective weight loss. The new MonaVie RVL products offer consumers more nutrition per calorie than any other product because of how many phytonutrients are packed into each product. The following three products are set to make a statement on the already crowded acai berry weight loss market.

MonaVie RVL Nutrition Shake Mix
Almost all weight loss programs tell you to count calories if you want to lose weight. The problem is that not all calories are created equal; some calories provide needed nutrients while others are simply empty calories. The shake mix provides you with a greater diversity of nutrients per shake than your average meal does and you only get half the calories. The shake mix is made with AcaVie, along with prebiotic fiber, and whey protein.

MonaVie RVL Nutrition Snack Bars
One of the hardest parts about losing weight is not snacking, if you slip up you end up eating so many empty calories. The MonaVie Snack Bars are the perfect snacking choice because they full of antioxidants and contain 24 vitamins and minerals, but also aim to satisfy that sweet tooth.

MonaVie RVL Dietary Supplement
Counting calories and exercising has been proven to help you lose weight, but sometimes you just need that extra boost. MonaVie RVL Dietary Supplement is a great way to boost your metabolism in a natural way to help speed up weight loss. Each supplement pill is packed with eight vegetables, as well as green tea to help your body naturally burn calories.