Lean Performance Shake by mix1 - The Latest Acai Berry Product

November 17, 2010

mix1 Lean Performance is the newest product to be released by the beverage company mix1, who has previously been known for the All-Natural Protein Shakes. Lean Performance, which comes in Acai Berry - Pomegranate and Orange Twist flavors, only contains 90 calories, but is still a high-quality protein drink that delivers a great taste along with the vital carbohydrates and antioxidants that your body needs.

Lean Performance was designed for athletes to use both before or after a workout, which provides an athlete with the energy they need for the workout or the nutrition that they need to recover. Lean Performance comes in 11-ounce servings that are low in sugar and are geared for easy digestion.

Lean Performance was launched in an effort to meet the demands of the consumers, due to the rapid increase in protein shakes popularity, which is quite similar to the spike in Acai berry products. Consumers are looking for something they like or think will help them achieve their goals, and quickly grabbing up these products. Companies that take a current product that is popular and make some adjustments to meet the consumers demand are even more successful, which is exactly what mix1 did.

Source: http://www.bevnet.com/news/2010/10-11-2010-mix1-new-shakes