Bad News About Acai Professional Smoothing Solution

November 27, 2010

The California Attorney General’s Office recently entered a suit against the company that manufactures the Brazilian Blowout treatment, which is used to help straighten your hair. The reason the AG’s Office filed this lawsuit is because they claim the defendant failed to caution users that the Smoothing Solution product with acai berry also contained formaldehyde at unacceptable levels.

Something else mentioned in the complaint is that the Brazilian Blowout website states that the product contains “no harsh chemicals.” In October the Oregon OSHA division, tested the Acai Professional Smoothing Solution, which also included bottles of the solution that claimed they were “formaldehyde free.” After repeated testing Oregon’s OSHA division found the products to contain unsafe levels of formaldehyde. Health Canada has also found through lab tests that the product contains unsafe levels of formaldehyde, so they have asked salons to quit using the product.

The goal of the Attorney General’s Office is to stop the company from using deceptive means of advertising. The company currently advertises that the solution is ‘safe’ to use. The CEO Mike Brady also stated that the products contain a small amount of formaldehyde and that those levels are far below the safety standards set by the federal government. Brazilian Blowout claims they are glad that the government office is now involved because of the numerous resources they have at their disposal. The company feels that the AG’s Office will determine that their product is safe to use.