Monavie - Acai Juice Distributor

Monavie is a leading distributor of acai juice. The company has a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) structure that works with home based distributors in countries throughout the world, including the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Six products make up the MonaVie product line; all containing IMO certified organic acai as well as 18 other fruits. Monavie products include:


  • MonaVie (Original) - juice
  • MonaVie (Original) Gel - a gel pack containing the same ingredients as the Original juice

The Original blend is promoted as a juice that provides powerful antioxidant protection for a healthy and active lifestyle .


  • MonaVie Active - Original juice with the one added ingredient of glucosamine
  • MonaVie Active Gel - a gel pack containing the same ingredients as the Active juice

The Active blend is promoted as having all the good stuff that is found in Monavie's Original but with the addition of a plant-derived glucosamine that is meant to support healthier joints.  

Fruits contained in the above juices and gels: acai, lychee, camu camu, pomegranate, wolfberry, banana, pear, bilberry, apricot, blueberry, prune, kiwi, white grape, pear puree, acerola, passion fruit, aronia, cranberry, and purple grape.


  • Monavie Pulse
  • Monavie Pulse Gel

The Pulse blend is Monavie's latest addition to their product line, a juice intended to focus on the heart. Promoted as delivering the right blend of antioxidants to give the cardiovascular system what it needs to stay heart healthy.

Fruits contained in this juice & gel: concord grape, aronia, pineapple, blueberry, apple, elderberry, bilberry, blackberry, cherry, camu camu, cranberry, prickly pear, raspberry, acerola, strawberry, pomegranate, yumberry, and cupuçu.

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Like many other MLM companies MonaVie has its share of both skeptics and supporters. You can find out more about Monavie from their website.