Acai Pronunciation

Acai berries continue to be a hot topic, but despite the popularity of products made from the fruit, there are still a number of people who have no idea how to pronounce acai.  If you’re among those who do not know how to pronounce acai, don’t feel bad. After all, it is a foreign word and one that you may only occasionally hear spoken. When you do hear it, don’t be surprised if you hear a different acai pronunciation each time, which may leave you scratching your head and asking yourself "how do you pronounce acai"!

Most people are exposed to the term in writing, making it difficult to determine the correct pronunciation of acai. If you’ve ever heard it spoken, odds are that you’ve heard one of the many mispronunciations, as people have either come to their own conclusions about the pronunciation or have internalized an incorrect pronunciation after hearing it spoken by others.

Common Mispronunciations

Knowing the correct manner of how to pronounce acai berry is as important as recognizing the incorrect pronunciations, as there are many. Many people may use an incorrect accent or have misinterpreted the phonetic pronunciation of the word, and may use that incorrect pronunciation in discussing products or studies related to acai berries. 

Perhaps the most common of the mispronunciations is a-KEE-u, which sounded out is “a-key-uh.” Others who talk about acai pronounce it as “Ah-kah-ee.”  A significant number of people also call acai berries “Ah-sigh” berries. This last variation is actually significantly closer to the correct pronunciation of the word.

So How do You Pronounce Acai?

The correct açai berry pronunciation is asie, or “ah-sigh-EE” berry, with emphasis placed on the final syllable in the word. The word is a Portuguese variation of a native term found in the South American Indian language family of Tupi-Guarani. Natives call the acai palm tree and acai berries asaí, a much easier word to sound out and correctly pronounce for English speakers.   

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