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Acai Berries - a new health force in Sambazon, Monavie and others...

The Acai Berry is found in the rain forests of South America and has been a popular fruit with the people of its native land for many generations. Pronounced "ah-sigh-ee",the acai fruit has recently become the subject of a North American health craze with the introduction of various acai drinks, health products and weight loss supplements.

Two of the most popular and reputable acai product manufacturers are Sambazon, with their range of acai fruit juice and the recently released Amazon Energy acai drink, and MonaVie, a MLM company offering their scientific blend of Acai Juice. Regardless of the product you are interested in, it is very important before you buy to educate yourself on the acai nutritional facts and associated acai berry benefits. That way you are less likely to get caught up in an Acai scam.

Acai Benefits & Nutrition Facts - what are they...

The acai fruit has quickly become a popular ingredient in both health drinks and supplements as many believe it to contain antioxidants able to provide great improvements in wellbeing. Acai berries are said to have twice the amount of antioxidants as blueberries and 10 times that of grapes. And as an added bonus, if you value the reported nutritional benefits of wine you'll be pleased to hear the reported levels of anthocyanins are 10-30 times greater in the acai fruit than what is found in red wine.

The nutrition reviews are all positive and the acai berry has reached the ranks of the pomegranate, goji berry, and others to make it to "Superfood" status (a general term used for foods deemed to provide significant nutrition or of an overall benefit to one's health). The acai fruit has caught the attention of many news headlines and become the topic for numerous articles, and perhaps its biggest catalyst to fame has been its appearance on the Oprah Show, as introduced by renowned physician Dr Nicholas Perricone. 

The berries have become the highlighted ingredient in several fruit juices boasting a long list of health benefits, with MonaVie and Sambzon acai berry juice drinks topping the list. But what are the benefits of acai?  The amazing benefits include increased energy, anti-aging, improved sleep and strong heart health, just to name a few. And with great interest to many is the question of whether acai berries can be a contributor in the fight against cancer. There are studies that are bringing more clarity to the role of the antioxidants in acai fruit actually destroying cancer cells.

Assertions of acai benefits in the last few years have convinced many consumers of its worth, as evidenced in the increasing number of acai products on the market. Today you can find a variety of acai berry products, ranging from drinks with a percentage of acai fruit juice, to freeze dried acai pulp and powder, to supposed weight loss supplements, to alcoholic drinks with an added acai flavor. It is important to note, however, that not all acai products are created by reputable companies as demonstrated in the recent Acai Berry weight loss scam. There has been no research that indicates drinking acai berry juice or taking acai supplements will result in weight loss. Neither Dr Nicholas Perricone nor Oprah's Dr Oz, have ever laid claim to any weight loss benefits in their recommendation of the berries as a superfood.

Regardless, consumers are eating or drinking up the believed riches of the acai fruit and you can find more details in our Acai Products and Benefits of Acai pages. 

Acai Loving Celebrities & Athletes...

The reports of these amazing acai benefits and the increased popularity of various acai drink and health products has enticed a number of celebrities and professional athletes to jump on the bandwagon. Many of them swear that introducing acai berries into their nutrition program has resulted in significant changes to their lives, performance and overall health. Some of the faces associated with acai berry products are Steve Burton, Matthew McConaughey, Chaka Khan, Kelly Slater, Mariano Rivera and more. See the celebrities page for more details on how they are cashing in on the acai berry benefits.

What does the Acai Berry look like...

The acia berry is green at a young age. As the fruit matures it changes to a deep purple color and is close in size to a blueberry. Growing in bunches similar to grapes, berries harvested from the top of the tall and slender acai palm that averages 15 to 25 meters in height. Each berry contains only a small amount of the precious and sought after Acai Pulp as the stone makes up about 80% of the acai fruit.

People native to the Amazon, have recognized the many acai berry benefits, both nutritional and medicinal, and included this fruit in their diet for centuries. Typically they would drink the acai juice made from pulping the fruit or consume the acai pulp itself. The berries have long been known by locals to have value in improving the immune system and have even been referred to as the "Amazon Rainforest Viagra" for their energy boosting properties!

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